Transform your body in six weeks from home

The only workout you'll ever need. In six weeks you'll redefine your entire shape and discover the strength you never knew you had inside of you.


45-minutes 3X a week 

The most effective workout on the planet. Tone, stretch, and tighten all of your muslces in each 45 minute video. 

What people are saying

Stephanie Molloy Testimonial

"I’ve been looking for a program like this for YEARS! FlowLIFT by Steph Yoga stretches and strengthens my muscles. I always leaves me feeling sore and strong. The flow sequences are not repetitive like other programs I’ve tried before. It changes my body so quickly! I leave the mat dripping in sweat, feeling amazing. I can’t wait to see how strong and toned I will be after doing her workouts for a year or more. StephYoga has been life-changing for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough!" - Stephanie  

Annie Testimonial

"I've never had the wherewithall to finish a program. Which I know, is super sad, but I've had a moment I've never had with any other fitness regimen in my life. I hate puting shorts on that are short because my postpartum body is not as trim as I would like it to be. However, I put on a pair of shorts the other day and I DON'T HAVE SAGGY MOM BUTT! It's all because of your program. The exercises work phenomenally and your personality brings me back to the videos. I'm sold on this program and you should be too." - Annie 

Meg Testimonial Photo

"I use Steph Yoga on my off days from Orange Theory and it's the perfect mix. I used to skip my workouts on the days I couldn't make it to class and now I just put on FlowLIFT by Steph Yoga and I never miss my workouts!"

Christina Testimonial Square

"I am six pounds lighter than I was before I even got pregnant and down a size thanks to Steph's Six Week Body Transformation Program. I was skeptical to try it at first because I am a runner and collegiate athlete, so I'm used to working out at the gym. But I gave it a shot and I'm SO GLAD I did. I get more out of 45-minutes with Steph than I would going on a four-mile run. For new mom's, time is of the essence, you're missing out if you aren't working out with Steph!" - Christina