The workout you've been searching for

A super-charged 45-minute at-home workout that will take your body from good to amazing in six-weeks.

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“I’ve worked out my whole life, but nothing
has ever transformed my body like Steph Yoga.”

- Connie K.



 Wearing 1 - 2.5 ankle weights increases the effectiveness of your workout.


45 minutes 3x a week

Spend less time working out, and more time doing what you want.


24/7 Access

Stop waiting for a class time to fit your schedule and workout any hour of the day at home.


Before I started Steph yoga online, I was working out three days sometimes four days a week with some weight loss. When I added in the six week program, I saw real weight loss and tone all over my body and fast. I went from size 8 to a size 4 and feeling great in 6 short weeks. I finally have defination in my stomach after having 2 kids. The workouts were fast and fun. My kids even liked doing them with me. 45 mins was no problem adding into my crazy day. I even did yoga while on vacation at the beach.

      -Michelle B.


How much time, money, and effort is it costing you to run from pilates to yoga to cycling
Your body wants to be toned, tightened, and stretched. I designed the videos to exhaust
specific muscles in order to tighten them. You won't have to run from studio to studio,
because all you need is one workout plan to achieve the results you desire.

"As a working mom with a four-month-old, my schedule is insane right now, but the convenience of Steph's Yoga keeps me on track because I can do it while I'm at home with my son. I am always sore afterward which makes feel accomplished. My waist is actually smaller than before I got pregnant."
-Christina G.