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Start your at home yoga practice with a 5-Day Yoga Challenge designed to calm your nervous system while stretching your body.


Sunshine Full Body Flow: This class was created with your fresh but tight morning body in mind. We’ll serve both the upper and lower body, create length in the spine and connect with the breath. You’ll feel fantastic and ready for your day after this 35-minute practice.

All About the ARMS: In this 30-minute practice, we’ll serve both the upper and lower body, with emphasis on the upper body. We’ll begin by opening the chest and stretching the back of your neck, move into a slow-paced flow, add a few push-ups, and conclude practice with some gentle twisting. Your arms will feel ARM-mazing after this class!

Low Body Release: In this practice, we’ll get deep into our quads, hips, psoas and even our calves. This class is perfect if you’re a runner, an athlete, or a human who spends a lot of time sitting in a chair. I’ll even be sharing with you one of my favorite breathing techniques used to balance the body and relax the mind.

Hamstring Release + Twisting: If your hamstrings are tight, this practice was made for you. In this class, we’ll get deep into the hamstrings, stretch the tops of our feet, and lengthen our spine with some gentle twisting. We’ll end class with some pretty delicious postures and a solid savasana and meditation.

Bedtime Slow Flow: This class was designed for you to wind down on your yoga mat after a long day. You’ll move through some gentle hip openers, hamstring stretches, and twisting. We’ll finish our class with a long and steady breath practice to calm your nervous system and prepare you for a good night's rest.

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